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Amy L. Shafrir, Araceli Sánchez Jiménez, Fintan Hurley, Karen S. Galea, Hilary Cowie, Sean Semple, Marie A. Coggins, Jon Ayres
12th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality and Climate 2011,Proceedings of a meeting held 5-10 June 2011, Austin, Texas.
Indoor Air Pollution and Health - Estimate of the burden of disease in Ireland and Scotland
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Indoor Air, Health impact assessment, Biomass combustion, Environmental tobacco smoke
On average people spend about 90% of their day indoors, the majority of which is at home (Schweizer et al. 2007). Although so much time is spent indoors, there is currently no indoor air quality legislation for particulate matter (PM). A WHO steering group recently concluded that there is no evidence of differences in the hazards between PM from indoor sources, e.g. biomass combustion, and from outdoor sources; and recommended that guidelines for outdoor PM should be used for indoor PM (WHO, 2010). The health burden due to indoor air pollution (IAP) from the combustion of biomass fuels has been well documented in developing countries (WHO, 2007); however minimal work has been done to quantify the health burden in developed countries. Additionally, much attention has been paid to the health effects of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). Many countries have enacted bans on smoking in enclosed public places; however, exposure at home may still be significant. Thus, there remains a need to quantify the health burden that arises from IAP within domestic environments in developed countries. The results presented here are from the second part of the Indoor Air Pollution and Health (IAPAH) study. IAPAH represents a first attempt to quantify the current burden of disease due to IAP from indoor sources: namely, combustion of biomass fuels (wood, peat, coal and gas) and ETS, within homes in Ireland and Scotland. Indoor air measurement data collected in part 1 (Semple et al. 2011) of the IAPAH study were used to estimate the burden of disease due to combustion derived IAP.
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