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Hurney, P,Waldron, P,Morgan, F,Jones, E,Glavin, M
Iet Intelligent Transport Systems
Review of pedestrian detection techniques in automotive far-infrared video
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object detection video signal processing pedestrians traffic engineering computing driver information systems infrared imaging pedestrian detection technique automotive far-infrared video advanced driver assistance system road-going vehicle automotive far-infrared imagery automotive domain NIGHT-VISION TRACKING SYSTEMS SCALE CLASSIFICATION
The use of advanced driver assistance systems is becoming increasingly common in road-going vehicles. One application of these driver assistance systems is in the automated detection of vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians, using automotive far-infrared imagery. Detection of pedestrians in infrared imagery can be quite difficult because of a number of factors such as the environment, pedestrian behaviour and also the physical limitations of currently available infrared sensors. This study presents a comprehensive review of the literature currently available in the area of pedestrian detection techniques in automotive infrared imagery. The challenges associated with automated detection of pedestrians in the automotive domain are first discussed. An overview of the general structure of pedestrian detection algorithms is then presented, followed by an in-depth analysis of existing literature in the area. Some proposals for future research in the area based on the methods described in this study are then offered.
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