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Kelly, MP,Leader, G,Reed, P
Journal Of Autism And Developmental Disorders
Stimulus Over-Selectivity and Extinction-Induced Recovery of Performance as a Product of Intellectual Impairment and Autism Severity
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Over-selectivity Extinction Comparator deficit Intellectual impairment Autism severity MENTALLY-RETARDED CHILDREN DISABLED-CHILDREN OVERSELECTIVITY GENERALITY CUES AGE
The current experiment investigated the extent to which three variables (autism severity, nonverbal intellectual functioning, and verbal intellectual functioning) are associated with over-selective responding in a group of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This paper also analyzed the association of these three variables with the recovery of responding to a previously under-selected stimulus following extinction of the previously over-selected stimulus. The results demonstrated that participants showed over-selectivity, and demonstrated that extinction of the over-selected stimulus led to recovery of responding to the previously under-selected stimulus. For both over-selectivity, and recovery from over-selectivity, verbal functioning appeared to predict the effects most strongly, with greater over-selectivity in the lower functioning individuals, and greater recovery in the higher functioning individuals.
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