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Ni Annaidh, A, Cassidy, M, Curtis, M, Destrade, M, Gilchrist, MD
American Journal Of Forensic Medicine And Pathology
Toward a Predictive Assessment of Stab-Penetration Forces
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Stabbing sharp force injury forensic biomechanics impact STRAIGHT EDGE BLADES CUTTING SOFT SOLIDS SHARPNESS
Collaborative research between the disciplines of forensic pathology and biomechanics was undertaken to investigate the hyperelastic properties of human skin, to determine the force required for sharp instrument penetration of skin, and to develop a finite element model, which reflects the mechanisms of sharp instrument penetration. These studies have led to the development of a stab metric, based on simulations, to describe the force magnitudes in stabbing incidents. Such a metric should, in time, replace the crudely quantitative descriptors of stabbing forces currently used by forensic pathologists.
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