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Mahmood, S; Morreale,S ; Barry, MM
Developing a checklist for intersectoral partnerships for health promotion
Galway, Ireland
HPRC, NUI,Galway
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Phase 2 of the work plan on ‘Developing a Quality Framework for Intersectoral Partnerships for Health Promotion’ is focused on developing a checklist to guide health promotion practitioners in the development of effective intersectoral partnership working based on a set of evidence-informed criteria. This report describes the process of developing the checklist through a review of existing partnership resources (journal articles, guidelines, manuals, handbooks, tools, toolkits, reports, workbooks, workshop proceedings, and various organisations’ publications) and drawing on the review of the international literature on effective partnership working conducted in Phase 1 (Corbin, Jones and Barry, 2015). The review of partnership resources included a database of existing partnership tools from past studies and an internet search was also conducted to identify new resources. The list of resources was refined after filtering on the basis of relevance for intersectional health promotion partnerships. The final ‘Partnership Checklist: Tool for Assessing Partnership Functioning’ was developed based on the review of existing tools and their evaluation. The Bergen Model of Collaborative Functioning (Corbin & Mittelmark, 2008), and the findings from the international literature review (Corbin, Jones & Barry, 2015), were used to inform the selection of core domains and key items to be included in the Checklist.
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