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Corry, E,Pauwels, P,Hu, SS,Keane, M,O'Donnell, J
Automation In Construction
A performance assessment ontology for the environmental and energy management of buildings
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Semantic web Ontology Performance management Buildings Linked data OPERATION
Narrowing the performance deficit between design intent and the real-time environmental and energy performance of buildings is a complex and involved task, impacting on all building stakeholders. Buildings are designed, built and operated with increasingly complex technologies. Throughout their life-cycle, they produce vast quantities of data. However, many commercial buildings do not perform as originally intended.This paper presents a semantic web based approach to the performance gap problem, describing how heterogeneous building data sources can be transformed into semantically enriched information. A performance assessment ontology and performance framework (software tool) are introduced, which use this heterogeneous data as a service for a structured performance analysis. The demonstrator illustrates how heterogeneous data can be published semantically and then interpreted using a life-cycle performance framework approach. (C) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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