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Jones, C
Bronze Age studies in Europe today. Journal of Irish Archaeology 23.
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The recent publication of three important books demonstrates that we are in the midst of an exciting era in European Bronze Age studies. As the reader of these books will quickly see, local and regional studies can now be more easily set within their wider contexts, and conversely, questions with a wide geographical and/or chronological character can now be more easily studied with an abundance of detailed local data.  HARRY FOKKENS and ANTHONY HARDING (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of the European Bronze Age. xxxi + 1,016 pages, 232 in-text illustrations, maps, and tables. 2013. Oxford: Oxford University Press.ERIC CLINE. 1177 B.C. The Year Civilization Collapsed. xx + 264 pages, 10 illustrations and 2 maps. 2014. Princeton: Princeton University Press.WILLIAM O'BRIEN. Prehistoric Copper Mining in Europe: 5500 - 500 B.C. xvii + 368 pages, 130 illustrations. 2014. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Journal of Irish Archaeology
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