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Coyle, S.; Conboy. K.; Acton, T.
International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2015)
An Exploration of the Relationship Between Contribution Behaviours and the Decision Making Process in Agile Teams
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Fort Worth, Texas
Agile software development teams are self-managed; setting and complying their own rules, defining their own behaviours and encompassing a devolved decision-making structure. They rely heavily on the input of their team members for decision making. Research has indicated how ASD teams are susceptible to group process losses and coupled with traditional complexities, this produces some significant challenges. In the context of ASD teams, this research proposes that alternative-generation during decision making may only be achieved when group members engage in contribution behaviours. Drawing on existing literature, the paper examines the relationship between contribution behaviours and decision making. Utilising a multiple case study approach, it investigates the occurrence and impact of contribution behaviours during the group decision making process in ASD. Findings shed light on the important role that contribution behaviours play and reveal that many factors can influence their occurrence such as time pressure, skillset, experience and communication.
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