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Tonra, Justin
DH2015: Annual Conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organisations
"Crowdsourcing Texts of Many Dimensions"
University of Western Sydney, Australia
International Refereed Conference
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This paper analyses the theoretical and practical implications of crowdsourcing two different kinds of text: transcriptions and annotations. Two projects that adopt the model for these respective purposes are Transcribe Bentham and Ossian Online. They exhibit differing motivations for choosing this model, and aim to crowdsource tasks whose requirements and biases place particular demands and restrictions on participants. As a consequence, the accuracy of the term crowdsource must be questioned for more subjective tasks that require the generation of original intellectual content. Collaboration plays a central, though differently focused, role in both forms of crowdsourcing, and investment in infrastructure and in the engagement of a community of volunteers is a constant imperative in this type of endeavour.
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