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Heike Felzmann, Kathy Murphy, Dympna Casey, Oya Beyan
The Emerging Policy and Ethics in Human Robot Interaction, HRI 2015
Robot-assisted care for elderly with dementia: is there a potential for genuine end-user empowerment?
Portland, Oregon
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In this paper, we describe considerations arising in relation to the achievement of an ethical design process for an assistive care robot within the H2020 project MARIO. Envisaged end-users of the robot are elderly with mild to moderate dementia in residential care and community settings. MARIO aims to achieve a value sensitive design process with significant end-user involvement in the design of the robot, eliciting their preferences regarding desirable functionalities and identifying ethical concerns. The realization of this participatory approach with persons with dementia raises a number of ethical challenges that the project aims to address
H2020 MARIO Project
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