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Hynes, M.
Sociological Association of Ireland (SAI) Postgraduate Conference 2011
Teleworking: what are the practices involved in location independent working?
National University of Ireland Galway
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Teleworking has, heretofore, often been suggested as a method of generating significant savings in our CO2 emissions, in addition to reducing commuting time and congestion, by way of travel suppression. The widespread adoption of the cellular phone over the past few decades coupled with huge advancements in broadband capabilities, and the growth in the service and knowledge-based economies, has created increasingly location independent employment opportunities. However, the assumed social and environmental benefits of teleworking have been promoted without  a  clear  understanding  of  potential  drawbacks  for  society  and  the environment. Approaches to teleworking previously adopted in Ireland have tended to consider teleworking’s substitution effects only, ignoring some of the significant lifestyle and social changes that would be required to turn teleworking into an effective virtual mobility tool. This paper will bring practices into the centre of the discussion and research on teleworking, as well as examining the sociology of Information and Communication Technology adoption. By using a practice theory approach  to  determine  the  components  that  make  up  the  routine  practices surrounding teleworking, it is hoped to change, or introduce, some dynamic(s) in these practices with a view to making teleworking more tangible and viable, in the context of travel suppression and with assisting the sustainable consumption of distance.
Sociological Association of Ireland (SAI)
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