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Seán Crosson
BEYOND IRELAND: Boundaries, Passages, Transitions. The Tenth Conference of The European Federation Of Centres And Associations Of Irish Studies (EFACIS)
Configuring Irishness: The Depiction of Gaelic Games in Gael Linn’s Amharc Éireann newsreel series
Palermo, Italy
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This paper considers the depictions of Gaelic games in Gael Linn’s Amharc Éireann newsreel series between 1959 and 1963, a crucial period in the development of modern Ireland. While there was undoubtedly a public interest in the sports and individuals featured in these episodes, more important still for the series producers was the distinctiveness of the sports depicted and their recognition as authentic aspects of Irish culture. As the title of Gael Linn indicates – a play on words between ‘Irish pool’ and ‘Irish with us’ – Irishness was a defining characteristic of Gael-Linn from its inception.  Above all, for the organisation’s founders, the Irish language, its preservation and promotion, was a central concern. However, the beginnings of Gael-Linn are also inseparable from Gaelic games; the organization began as a fund-raising project to support initiatives to promote the Irish language and culture, organizing a weekly ‘pool’ or a betting pool based on predicting the outcome of Gaelic games on the model set by the football pools in England.  This paper will examine the depictions of Gaelic games in this series and their distinctive configuration of Irishness.
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