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Georgeta Bordea, Paul Buitelaar, Stefano Faralli and Roberto Navigli
SemEval-2015 Task 17: Taxonomy Extraction Evaluation (TExEval)
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taxonomy extraction taxonomy extraction evaluation
This paper describes the first shared task on Taxonomy Extraction Evaluation organised as part of SemEval-2015. Participants were asked to find hypernym-hyponym relations between given terms. For each of the four selected target domains the participants were provided with two lists of domain-specific terms: a WordNet collection of terms and a well-known terminology extracted from an online publicly available taxonomy. A total of 45 taxonomies submitted by 6 participating teams were evaluated using standard structural measures, the structural similarity with a gold standard taxonomy, and through manual quality assessment of sampled novel relations.
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SFI/12/RC/2289 (INSIGHT)
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