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F. Conaty
Irish Accounting & Finance Association, Annual Conference 2014
Research Approaches to the Study of Performance Management in Collaborative NPO/Public Sector Settings
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NPO Collaborations Hybrid Organisations Theory
Performance management in the public sector and in non-profit organisations (NPOs) has been widely examined. Hybrid organisation configurations, however, such as NPOs in collaboration with the public sector, with a complex mix of stakeholders and organisational characteristics, while studied, have not received the same degree of attention. The utilisation of NPOs in collaboration with the public sector in the provision of public services is on the increase; consequently, the implications for performance management and performance management systems (PMS) in such collaborative settings needs to be better understood. This paper explores the available literature on performance management in NPO collaborative settings over a twenty year period in order to gain a clearer understanding of the theoretical frames and research approaches that have been utilised in research to date. The paper discusses the merits and potential utility of the dominant theoretical frames and research approaches employed to date and identifies alternative approaches that might also be considered for future research.
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