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Moroney, M. P. J.
Irish Journal Of Management
CRH plc: Strategy-driven Achievement
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CRH Building Materials Business-level Strategy Corporate Strategy
This case presents an in-depth study of CRH, a leading global building materials producer and one of Ireland’s most successful companies. The case study profiles the fundamentals and dynamics of a challenging strategic context, explores the successful strategies developed by CRH in this setting over time, and draws theoretical lessons highlighting the contributions of strategy for CRH’s success and insights from the case study for strategy theory. A strategic context of the building materials industry is presented and a strategic profile of CRH is developed. Three key dimensions of CRH’s strategic success are outlined: acquisitions, low-cost operations and supportive strategic architecture. Notable theoretical aspects of CRH’s business-level strategy are the CRH Group’s focused, multi-market cost leadership, its underpinning by core resources and competences (tangible, knowledge-based, social), and the fit of its multifarious supporting activities. CRH’s corporate strategy is noteworthy for its rich portfolio management and amalgam of corporate management styles.
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