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Li TC, Rogers AW, Dockery P, Lenton EA, Cooke ID
Fertility And Sterility
A new method of histologic dating of human endometrium in the luteal phase.
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Morphometric analysis was performed on 70 endometrial biopsy specimens collected from a population of fertile women. Of the 17 morphometric measurements that were performed on each endometrial biopsy, only 5 were required to achieve a highly significant correlation with chronologic dating based on luteinizing hormone surge (R = 0.99). The result of histologic dating, based on morphometric analysis of endometrial biopsies collected from a separate, unbiased population, correlated strongly and significantly with chronologic dating (r = 0.98, P less than 0.0001). The correlation was better than that achieved when histologic dating was performed according to the conventional dating criteria (r = 0.88, P less than 0.001).
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