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Tuohy, S,Glavin, M,Hughes, C,Jones, E,Trivedi, M,Kilmartin, L
Ieee Transactions On Intelligent Transportation Systems
Intra-Vehicle Networks: A Review
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Audio video bridging (AVB) automotive Ethernet controller area network (CAN) driver assist in-vehicle networking low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) media oriented systems transport (MOST) time-triggered Ethernet (TTEthernet) 802.3 ETHERNET COMMUNICATION PERFORMANCE
Automotive electronics is a rapidly expanding area with an increasing number of safety, driver assistance, and infotainment devices becoming standard in new vehicles. Current vehicles generally employ a number of different networking protocols to integrate these systems into the vehicle. The introduction of large numbers of sensors to provide driver assistance applications and the associated high-bandwidth requirements of these sensors have accelerated the demand for faster and more flexible network communication technologies within the vehicle. This paper presents a comprehensive overview of current research on advanced intra-vehicle networks and identifies outstanding research questions for the future.
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