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Samal, J,Hoban, DB,Naughton, C,Concannon, R,Dowd, E,Pandit, A
Fibrin-based microsphere reservoirs for delivery of neurotrophic factors to the brain
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bioactivity brain delivery fibrin hollow spheres neurotrophic factors Parkinson's disease NERVE GROWTH-FACTOR MESENCHYMAL STEM-CELLS GENE TRANSPLANTATION NEURONS PAIN RAT DIFFERENTIATION INFUSION RECOVERY
Aim: The in vivo therapeutic potential of neurotrophic factors to modify neuronal dysfunctions is limited by their short half-life. A biomaterials-based intervention, which protects these factors and allows a controlled release, is required. Materials & methods: Hollow fibrin microspheres were fabricated by charge manipulation using polystyrene templates and were loaded with NGF. Bioactivity of released NGF was demonstrated by neuronal outgrowth assay in PC-12 cells followed by in vivo assessment for NGF release and host response. Results: Fibrin-based hollow spheres showed high loading efficiency (>80%). Neurotrophin encapsulation into the microspheres did not alter its bioactivity and controlled release of NGF was observed in the in vivo study. Conclusion: Fibrin hollow microspheres act as a suitable delivery platform for neurotrophic factors with tunable loading efficiency and maintaining their bioactive form after release in vivo.
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