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McCarthy G, Lawlor PG, Gutierrez M, O'Sullivan L, Murphy A, Zhan X, Gardiner GE
An assessment of Salmonella survival in pig manure and its separated solid and liquid fractions during storage.
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The objective of this study was to examine Salmonella survival in pig manure and its separated fractions during storage. Salmonella declined, but significant reductions were not observed in the manure and liquid until day 56, whereas counts in the solids were lower by day 7. The Salmonella inoculum initially impacted counts but not after days 28-56. By day 112 Salmonella was undetectable in the manure and liquid but was recovered from the solids. There was no clear dominance of particular serotypes and antibiotic resistance transfer was not found. Storage duration and pH impacted Salmonella counts in all samples, with duration having the greatest effect. Of the nutrients, nitrate had the greatest impact in the manure and, together with phosphate, it also affected counts in the liquid fraction. This study demonstrates that if pig manure or its separated fractions are stored under controlled conditions at 10.5°C for 84-112 days Salmonella is reduced or eliminated, irrespective of the initial load.
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