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Dempsey, L., Dowling, M., Larkin, P., Murphy, K.
International journal of palliative nursing
The unmet palliative care needs of those dying with dementia
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An estimated 33.9 million people are living with dementia worldwide,the overall estimated median survival time from onset of dementia todeath is 4.1 years for men and 4.6 years for women, with longer survivaltimes in those with early onset dementia. Much has been discussedabout the needs of this vulnerable group of people particularly in termsof their health-care and end-of-life care (EoLC) needs, however,literature suggests that people with end-stage dementia are still notreceiving adequate or appropriate EoLC. Difficulty diagnosing dementia,a stigma surrounding the disease, lack of education of the dementiadisease process and the ability to identify complications encountered atend-stage dementia by health-care providers, families and carers aresome of the factors preventing those with dementia receiving effectiveEoLC. Great strides have been made to improve dementia palliativecare, however this cohort of patients still receive fewer referrals toappropriate palliative care services than other terminally ill patients.
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