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Anne Byrne
WINDOW project report launch and conference
Women Initiating Development Opportunities for Women), Roscommon Women’s Network.
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The Opportunity of Equality Dr Anne Byrne, Global Women’s Studies Research Cluster. Political Science and Sociology, NUI Galway. [Published as Foreword to WINDOW Evaluation Report, Roscommon Women’s Network, March 2014. pp. 3-6.] FOREWORD The word ‘equality’ may invoke thoughts of well-being and social justice, based on ideals of political and civic freedom, mutual respect for and recognition of persons, identifying the conditions for a democratic society in which to live, love, work, rest and play. Or we may understand ‘equality’ as the outcome of a legal instrument designed for equal treatment, equal rights, equal status and equal opportunities of all peoples, regardless of gender, race, class, health or disability, sexual orientation, age, civil or family status, membership of the Travelling community and religion. The persistence of stigma, prejudice and discrimination indicates that equality of opportunity and treatment remains in some aspects aspirational. State bodies promote an equality ethos in the public sphere through the provision of information and legal instruments to actively contest discrimination and unequal treatment. Nonetheless the everyday consequences of inequality in people’s experiences of early educational failure or restricted employment opportunities or lack of choice in career progression, point to the pervasiveness and invasiveness of inequality, particularly evident in women’s lives. 
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