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Jeon, Young Jae; Bingzhu, Yin;Rhee, June Tak; Cheung, David L.; Jamil, Muhammad
Macromolecular Theory And Simulations
Application and New Developments in Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal Simulation Studies
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Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals (PDLCs) represent an important new class of materials with electro-optic applications such as flexible displays, large-area devices projection displays, electrically switchable windows, etc. On considering such applications of these materials, many studies have been performed on the experimental side. Similarly, research on the simulation side for the PDLCs is of the fundamental interest too. The present article contains a short review on the present and past simulation studies of PDLCs. Various molecular simulation approaches applied to PDLC systems by different groups are reviewed here. In addition some new findings of the bulk phases are also extensively described.
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