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Khoo, S
Canadian Society of the Study of Higher education (CSSHE)
Internationalising Higher education in Irekland...some ethical questions EIHE Project Open Session
Brock University, ON, Canada
Chaired Session
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This paper formed part of a concluding panel discussion of a symposium on ‘Intellectual Autonomy and Social/Global Accountability in Higher Education in Times of Crises – International Lessons’, convened by the World Educational Research Association (WERA) Global Ethics and Higher Education. The panel takes stock of where we are, to look back and reflect on where we stand at present, in order to look forward. Looking back, with hindsight over our shared past conversations, we can list a number of concerns and ways of thinking that we are grateful to hold in common, and that are sometimes spoken and openly acknowledged and at other times we have simply trusted as implicit. Theoretically oriented towards post-structuralism and post-colonial perspectives, we share a common scepticism towards ruling meta-narratives and desire to mobilize the ideas inherent to transformative learning theory to break past the dichotomy of knowing versus being. We share a commitment to surface difficult knowledge and to begin with an interrogation and problematization of epistemic inequity.
Academy of Finland EIHE research project
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