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Declan Coogan
Child to Parent Violence - European Perspectives
International conference on child to parent violence
Univeristy of Brighton, Brighton, England
Invited Paper
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Ending Cycles of Escalation & Developing Respectful Relationships – The Non Violent Resistance Response to Child to Parent Violence. Declan Coogan, Lecturer in Social Work, School of Political Science & Sociology, National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway, RCPV Project Lead for NUI Galway & Eileen Lauster, RCPV Research Assistant, NUI Galway. The aim of this parallel session is to introduce to delegates to the key elements of the Non Violent Resistance (NVR) Programme, as adapted in Ireland. Delegates attending this session will also become familiar with the potential within NVR for ending cycles of escalation and developing respectful relationships in families experiencing child to parent violence. The NVR programme is an evidence based, innovative and short-term intervention that responds to the needs of parents in embattled systems while protecting children; the NVR programme also responds to needs of practitioners to use a framework that assists them to support families presenting with this form of family violence. Child to parent violence raises a variety of dilemmas and questions for practitioners and for researchers, some of which will be explored during this session. Using case examples from training and practice with NVR, the challenges and potential for the effective engagement and participation of parents in the innovative Non Violent Resistance (NVR) programme from Israel (Omer 2004; Weinblatt and Omer 2008) will be considered from agency and practitioner perspectives.The session will also include an outline review of the research and clinical practice papers on Non-Violent Resistance (esp. Weinblatt & Omer 2008 and Lauster et al 2014) and on practice examples introduced by the facilitators and by delegates.
European Commission DAPHNE programme - Justice Directorate
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