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Eileen Lauster & Declan Coogan
Child to Parent Violence: European Perspctives
International Conference on Child to Parent Violence as part of the RCPV Project
Brighton, England
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Relevant to Conference Theme: Awareness Raising and Preventative Approaches. The aim of this parallel session presentation is to broaden discussions and increase awareness about an under-researched and under-reported form of violence and abuse in family systems called Child to Parent Violence (CPV) or Parent Abuse - the use of violence by children and young people at home towards parents. Child to parent violence raises a variety of dilemmas and questions for practitioners and for researchers, some of which will be explored during this session. Using examples from research on the Responding to Child to Parent Violence (RCPV) Project two day training in NVR, we will share how awareness of CPV increased for practitioners after attending the training. We will also discuss how this awareness impacted on their practice with families experiencing Child to Parent Violence. Delegates will be introduced to the Non Violent Resistance Programme as adapted in Ireland. This programme is an evidence based, innovative and short-term intervention that responds to the needs of parents in embattled systems while protecting children and responding to needs to agencies to assist and support families presenting with this form of family violence. 
Daphne project of the EU Commission
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