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Nata Duvvury and Caroline Finn
Gender, Sexuality and Feminism
'Man-covery': recession, labour market and gender relations in Ireland
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gender relations labour market recession added worker effect
Ireland has recently experienced its worst recession in the post-World War II era. The effects on Irelandís labour market†have been stark. This article examines more closely the gender dimensions of the recent recession in Ireland. The evidence suggests that there have been gendered shifts in the labour market. With male-dominated sectors, such as construction and industry, suffering significant decline, men have been increasingly taking up part-time and vulnerable employment, which has led to a certain level of re-structuring and†competition†within these sectors. In terms of response to the recession, women and men in Ireland have displayed different trends. Among men, the data suggest that there has been largely a discouraged worker effect. For women, however, the response has been much more nuanced. It is older married women who have largely shouldered the burden of recession in Ireland with the strongest evidence of added worker effect among this group.
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