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Murtagh, M,Hildebrandt, S,Herbert, PAF,OConnor, GM,Crean, GM,Auret, FD,Goodman, SA,Myburg, G,Meyer, WE,Suezawa, M,KatayamaYoshida, H
Electrochemical Methods In Corrosion Research Vi, Pts 1 And 2
Optical and electrical characterisation of He plasma sputtered n-GaAs
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GaAs He plasma etching photoreflectance Raman capacitance-voltage profiling ETCH-INDUCED DAMAGE MODULATION SPECTROSCOPY DRY
Optical and electrical parameters of 10(18) cm(-3) n-type GaAs have been studied as a function of three He plasma sputter parameters, namely applied RF power, process pressure and DC bias using photoreflectance (PR), photoluminescence (PL), Raman scattering and ellipsometry optical spectroscopies and surface carrier concentration measurements using capacitance-voltage profiling. The measured optical and electrical response show a strong dependence on power with only a weak dependence upon pressure. However a complex interdependence on all three sputter factors is observed reflecting the complexity of plasma damage phenomenon even for the simple case of an unreactive He gas system.
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