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Feeney, C,Wang, NN,Mathuna, SCO,Duffy, M
Ieee Transactions On Power Electronics
20-MHz 1.8-W DC-DC Converter With Parallel Microinductors and Improved Light-Load Efficiency
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DC-DC converters PFM inductors-on-silicon light-load efficiency microfabricated microinductor thin-film inductors MICROFABRICATED INDUCTORS MICRO-INDUCTORS POWER SILICON
The purpose of this paper is to show that distributing microinductors in parallel can reduce light-load losses, while also maintaining the same overall footprint area and the same effective inductance as a single microinductor. The performance of parallel microinductors is compared in a number of configurations to demonstrate which configuration provides the best overall performance in terms of circuit size, conversion efficiency, and power handling. Light-load saving techniques are implemented demonstrating the potential of parallel inductors to improve efficiency at light-load. Measured and modeled results of efficiency versus load are presented for the prototype DC-DC converters explored, and a peak efficiency of 74% is predicted for a 1.8 W, 20-MHz DC-DC converter including microinductors.
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