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Zhang, J,Ouyang, ZW,Duffy, MC,Andersen, MAE,Hurley, WG
Ieee Transactions On Industry Applications
Leakage Inductance Calculation for Planar Transformers With a Magnetic Shunt
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Leakage inductance magnetomotive force (MMF) magnetic shunt planar transformer reluctance model resonant converter DESIGN
The magnetic shunt is generally inserted in a planar transformer to increase the leakage inductance, which can be utilized as the series inductor in resonant circuits such as the LLC resonant converter. This paper presents a calculation methodology for the leakage inductance of the transformer with a magnetic shunt by means of the stored magnetic energy in the primary and secondary sides of the transformer using the magnetomotive force (MMF) variation method, as well as the stored energy in the shunt based on the reluctance model. The detailed calculation method is described. Both the finite-element analysis simulation and the experimental results have proven the validity of the proposed calculation method for leakage inductance.
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