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Grogan C, Raiteri R, O'Connor GM, Glynn TJ, Cunningham V, Kane M, Charlton M, Leech D
Biosensors & Bioelectronics
Characterisation of an antibody coated microcantilever as a potential immuno-based biosensor.
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In this study, we investigated the activity, stability, lifetime and re-usability of monoclonal antibodies to myoglobin covalently immobilised onto microfabricated cantilever surfaces. These sensing surfaces are of interest to us in the development of novel cantilever-based immunosensors. For such sensors the antibody layer represents the sensing element while the microcantilever acts as a mechanical transducer. A procedure for producing re-usable biological coatings has been tested with different independent techniques. An Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) was used to determine the presence of an active antibody coating, and to monitor the lifetime and stability of the immobilised antibody. Through this analysis, the activity of the immobilised antibody layer was found to be more stable with the introduction of sucrose, as a stabilising agent. Sucrose was applied to the immobilised antibody layer after each regeneration step. The immobilised antibody was found to have a stable active lifetime for up to 7 weeks. Fluorescence microscopy was used to give information on the distribution of the coating on the gold and silicon nitride sides of the cantilever. Atomic Force Microscopy was used to determine the presence of the biological coating on the cantilever and to obtain information on the surface morphology of the biological element of the sensor. The combined results provide valuable information on the development of an optimised sensing element and demonstrate a set of methods to use for future sensor-to-sensor characterisation. Preliminary experimental results showing the antibody activity against myoglobin, detected with a microcantilever based sensor prototype confirmed the motivations and potentialities of the proposed immunosensing technique.
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