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McCabe, B.A., Sheil, B.B., Long, M.M., Buggy, F.J., Farrell, E.R.
Proceedings of ICE Geotechnical Engineering
Empirical correlations for the compression index of Irish soft soils
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embankments field testing & monitoring site investigation
Numerous correlations have been developed in the literature relating the compression index Cc of soft soils to simple index properties that serve as a useful reality check on oedometer test results. However, many of these empirical correlations are specific to soils of a certain geographic region and/or geological origin and therefore may not be applicable in other contexts. Compression index data and corresponding index properties, specific to a good geographic spread of Irish soft soil sites, have been compiled in this paper. Of all the forms of correlation considered, the relationship between compression ratio Cc and the natural water content is the most fruitful in terms of allowing preliminary predictions of compression index to be made.
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