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Hajdukiewicz, M., Geron, M., & Keane, M. M. 
Building And Environment
Calibrated CFD simulation to evaluate thermal comfort in a highly-glazed naturally ventilated room. 
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CFD, Measurement, Indoor environment, Natural ventilation, Calibration, Thermal comfort
Natural ventilation is a sustainable solution to maintaining healthy and comfortable environmentalconditions in buildings. However, the effective design, construction and operation of naturally ventilatedbuildings require a good understanding of complex airflow patterns caused by the buoyancy and windeffects.The work presented in this article employed a 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis in orderto investigate environmental conditions and thermal comfort of the occupants of a highly-glazednaturally ventilated meeting room. This analysis was facilitated by the real-time field measurementsperformed in an operating building, and previously developed formal calibration methodology forreliable CFD models of indoor environments. Since, creating an accurate CFD model of an occupied space in a -life scenario requires a high level of CFD expertise, trusted experimental data and an ability tointerpret model input parameters; the calibration methodology guided towards a robust and reliable CFDmodel of the indoor environment. This calibrated CFD model was then used to investigate indoorenvironmental conditions and to evaluate thermal comfort indices for the occupants of the room.Thermal comfort expresses occupants’ satisfaction with thermal environment in buildings by definingthe range of indoor thermal environmental conditions acceptable to a majority of occupants. In thisstudy, the thermal comfort analysis, supported by both field measurements and CFD simulation results,confirmed a satisfactory and optimal room operation in terms of thermal environment for the investigatedreal-life scenario.
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