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Coakley, D., Raftery, P. and Keane., M.M.
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews
A review of methods to match building energy simulation models to measured 
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Review, Calibration, Optimisation, Simulation, EnergyPlus, Uncertainty
Whole building energy simulation (BES) models play a significant role in the design and optimisation ofbuildings. Simulation models may be used to compare the cost-effectiveness of energy-conservation measures (ECMs) in the design stage as well as assessing various performance optimisation measures during the operational stage. However, due to the complexity of the built environment and prevalence of large numbers of independent interacting variables, it is difficult to achieve an accurate representation of real-world building operation. Therefore, by reconciling model outputs with measured data, we can achieve more accurate and reliable results. This reconciliation of model outputs with measured data is known as calibration.This paper presents a detailed review of current approaches to model development and calibration,highlighting the importance of uncertainty in the calibration process. This is accompanied by a detailedassessment of the various analytical and mathematical/statistical tools employed by practitioners to date, aswell as a discussion on both the problems and the merits of the presented approaches.
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