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Crosson, S.
From Babe Ruth to Michael Jordan: Affirming the American Dream via the Sports/Film Star
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Film, cinema, sport, celebrity, star discourse, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Zinedine Zidane
Fall 2014
In the United States, sport stars have provided crucial affirmation of the American Dream ideology despite the considerable evidence that questions the validity and appropriateness of this belief for understandings of American society today. The focus on the individualistic achievement, good character and most importantly humble origins of sport stars in film and other popular representations seems to offer dramatic evidence of the openness of opportunity to those with appropriate ‘values’, including hard work and perseverance, within American society. Sports stars, such as Babe Ruth in the past and Michael Jordan more recently, have been crucial to the persistence of this individualist ethic, a central aspect of contemporary capitalist culture internationally.
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