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Fleming, M. & Heinz, M.
National Conference on Partnership in School Placement in Initial Teacher Education
Workshop title: Constructing a Narrative of School-University Partnership in Ireland: Envisioning Futures and Exploring Paths to get there…
University of Limerick
Workshop chair
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The Teaching Council’s call for ‘new and innovative school placement models using a school-university partnership approach’ (Criteria and Guidelines for ITE Programme Providers, 2011) is neither surprising nor revolutionary considering that school-university partnership has been promoted in the US, Australia, the UK, Finland and many other countries worldwide as a means of enhancing the quality of teacher education for more than two decades. While we can certainly learn from the experiences of other jurisdictions (and much has been written about the topic since the 90s) it is important that we also consider our own sociocultural histories and perspectives. In this workshop we will provide an opportunity for participants to share their stories of school-university ‘???interaction???’ and to explore them from a critical sociocultural perspective. Offering a space for authentic dialogue, we hope to discuss different partnership approaches with the aim of co-constructing visions of school-university partnership futures, and paths to move towards them, in Ireland.    
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