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Lohan, Garry; Acton, Thomas; Conboy, Kieran
25th Australasia Conference on Information Systems (ACIS)
An Investigation into Time Pressure, Group Cohesion and Decision Making in Software Development Groups
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decision making group cohesion time pressure agile software development
Auckland, New Zealand
Two of the key themes in contemporary ISD literature are (i) how to build and release systems in shorter time frames and (ii) how to enable work group to build systems in a cohesive manner. This is reflected by today’s predominant contemporary ISD methods such as agile, their distinguishing feature being an explicit emphasis on continuous, timely releases and facilitating effective group collaboration and communication. In a survey of 119 software developers we explore the effects of time pressure and group cohesion on the decision quality of the development groups. Our results demonstrate how time pressure and group cohesion both impact the decision-making quality of ISD groups, with group cohesion having the greater influence.
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