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O'Flaherty, Michael
2014 July
The United Nations System for Protecting Human Rights, Vol. IV.
UN Treaty Bodies. The concluding observations of United Nations human rights treaty bodies
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United Nations, treaty bodies
The United Nations has been at the forefront of developing the international law of human rights for nearly seven decades. This volume brings together the leading research articles on the development of human rights law by the United Nations and also includes essays on issues relating to standard-setting, institutional evolution, and the creation of monitoring procedures. The volume is divided into six sections. The selected essays in the first section examine the law of the Charter and its evolution. The articles in the second section critically assess the UN law-making process and the legal issues that emerge therefrom. The third section focuses on the work of the Charter-based organs, institutions and procedures, followed by two sections which undertake the same examination with respect to UN treaty bodies and specialized agencies. Finally, the volume concludes with critical and evaluative articles which provide an overall assessment of the UN efforts to strengthen the ability of individuals and groups to exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms.This collection provides students and researchers with an authoritative collection of diverse and stimulating articles on the development of human rights law by the United Nations organs and institutions and offers an essential teaching resource to lecturers in the field of human rights law.
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