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Kilroy, S. J., Egan, J., Maliszewska, A., Sarma, K. M.
Journal of Child Sexual Abuse
"Systemic trauma": The impact on parents whose children have experienced sexual abuse.
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sexual abuse, children, parents, qualitative
This article examines the impact on parents in an Irish context whose children have experienced sexual abuse and aims to explore the pathways to distress. This is in order to understand what factors facilitate or hinder parents from supporting their child to the best of their ability, given that parental support is a crucial moderating factor in children's recoveries. Semistructured interviews were carried out with 13 parents in this context and analyzed using a grounded theory methodology. The overall concept that emerged was termed "systemic trauma" and was composed of eight categories that help to explain the pathways of impact for parents. This model can help clinicians understand and respond to the needs of parents in the aftermath of CSA.
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