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Acton,T.; Clohssy, T.; Morgan, L.
Cloud Computing: Towards Enlightenment
NUI Galway
Workshop chair
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The EVolving Open Software Systems (EVOSS) research group hosted an industry-focused event entitled 'Cloud Computing: Towards Enlightenment' on Friday Oct 31, 2014. Attended by about 60 delegates, the event was supported by the Irish Software Research Centre (Lero), Whitaker Institute, and the Business Information Systems discipline. The highly successful event presented case studies of how cloud computing has been successfully leveraged by industry, lessons learned, what to do (and not to do); a structured discussion on cloud benefits, pitfalls and opportunities; and a talk on how cloud computing impacts business models, presenting leading research on this topic underway in the EVOSS group. The group’s research on cloud computing is extensive, and cloud computing has become a core part of the SFI-funded research team. Present were persons from Avaya, IBM, HP, Cisco, AltoCloud, CInfinity, Fintrax, BuilderEngine, Marrakech/Capita, OpenJaw, Schneider-Electric, Magic Media, Celtrak, students from our MSc Cloud Computing Research programme, and others. For more info, visit the event’s web at
SFI, Whitaker
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