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Bretschneider N, Brand H, Miller N, Lowery AJ, Kerin MJ, Gannon F, Denger S
Cancer Research
Estrogen induces repression of the breast cancer and salivary gland expression gene in an estrogen receptor alpha-dependent manner.
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The focus of this study is on the expression and regulation of the estrogen-regulated breast cancer and salivary gland expression (BASE) gene that may function as a breast cancer marker. In MCF7 cells, BASE is repressed by estrogen in an estrogen receptor alpha (ER alpha)-dependent manner. Promoter analysis of the BASE gene led to the identification of a 2-kb upstream enhancer that harbors binding sites for ER alpha and FoxA1. The recruitment of both ER alpha and FoxA1 to this region was shown by chromatin immunoprecipitation analysis. Furthermore, mutation studies and knockdown experiments show a clear separation between gene expression mediated by FoxA1 and ER alpha-dependent gene regulation. Additionally, we provide information on BASE expression in human breast tumor samples.
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