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Barry, MM; Petersen, I
Promotion of Mental Health and Primary Prevention of Mental Disorders: Priorities for Implementation, An Evidence Brief.
HPRC, NUI Galway
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SummaryThis paper provides a briefing for policy and decision-makers on the evidence for mental health promotion and primary prevention interventionsthat can be implemented and sustained at a reasonable cost, whilst generating clear health and social gains in the population. Based on theevidence from high, middle and low income countries, a number of priority areas and “best buys” for implementation are identified forpromoting mental health and preventing mental ill-health across the lifespan from infancy to adulthood and include actions which can be delivered across different settings and delivery platforms.Recommended Priority Actions:• Promote infant (0-3 years) and maternal mental health through integrating mental healthpromotion and prevention into routine pre and postnatal care services and home visitingprogrammes• Promote early child mental health development (3-6 years) through pre-school education• Parenting and family strengthening for school-going children (3-16 years)• Promote young people’s (6-18 years) life skills and resilience through school-based interventionsin primary and post-primary schools• Promote the mental health and social wellbeing of adolescents and young people (12-18 years +)through out-of-school multicomponent interventions• Community empowerment interventions to promote mental health and reduce the risk of mentaldisorders for families in poverty and debt• Training primary health care providers in opportunistic mental health promotion and preventioninterventions for adults and older people• Advocate for workplace policies and programmes that will improve the mental health of workingadults• Advocate for the implementation of policies and regulations on alcohol consumption • Regulations restricting access to commonly used lethal means of suicide 
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