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EXPH; Barry, MM
EXPH Definition and Endorsement of Criteria to Identify Priority Areas When Assessing the Performance of Health Systems
DG SANCO, European Commission
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Primary Health care definition financing referral systems EXPH Expert Panel on effective ways of investing in Health scientific opinion
The development of a framework and set of criteria to identify priority areas when assessing the performance of health systems in Europe presents an important opportunity to optimise the use of existing health system performance indicators in providing timely and robust information for policy interventions. As part of the reflection process to pursue modern, responsive and sustainable health systems and by mandate of the Council Working Party on Public Health at Senior Level, Sweden is co-ordinating a Sub-group on measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of health investments. The Sub-group has produced a short paper on possible criteria to identify areas that should be prioritised for making comparisons and assessment on effective ways in investing in health. The advice of the Expert Panel is requested to provide guidance on the parameters, criteria and testing of the model prepared by the Sub-group. The Expert Panel does not seek to provide a definitive judgement on which framework/model should be adopted for Health System Performance Assessment. The Opinion of the Expert Panel highlights some of the key technical and general issues that need to be considered by the Sub-group at this stage of their work, and provides some general guidance concerning its further development.
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