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Dell'Aria, C.; Incalcaterra McLoughlin, L.
Innovation in Language Learning. Multimodal Approaches
Phonology in E-learning: Speech analysis tools, multimediality and podcasts
Universidad Autonoma Barcelona
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This paper discusses a research project which combines web multimodality and speech analysis technology in Foreign Language (FL) classes. It will then introduce a trial in which collaborative computer technology, speech analysis tools and multimedial environments are employed in the teaching of Italian as FL to adult online learners, in order  to develop and enhance prosodic and intonational awareness through training in listening  to and production of sounds and phonological patterns.[1] An evaluation of results will be presented, and our final observations will comment on the effectiveness of this approach.Barcelona, 2014. [1] Dell’Aria, C. & Incalcaterra McLoughlin, L., 2013
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