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Chen, X.,Lee, G.,Maher, B. S.,Fanous, A. H.,Chen, J.,Zhao, Z.,Guo, A.,van den Oord, E.,Sullivan, P. F.,Shi, J.,Levinson, D. F.,Gejman, P. V.,Sanders, A.,Duan, J.,Owen, M. J.,Craddock, N. J.,O'Donovan, M. C.,Blackman, J.,Lewis, D.,Kirov, G. K.,Qin, W.,Schwab, S.,Wildenauer, D.,Chowdari, K.,Nimgaonkar, V.,Straub, R. E.,Weinberger, D. R.,O'Neill, F. A.,Walsh, D.,Bronstein, M.,Darvasi, A.,Lencz, T.,Malhotra, A. K.,Rujescu, D.,Giegling, I.,Werge, T.,Hansen, T.,Ingason, A.,Noethen, M. M.,Rietschel, M.,Cichon, S.,Djurovic, S.,Andreassen, O. A.,Cantor, R. M.,Ophoff, R.,Corvin, A.,Morris, D. W.,Gill, M.,Pato, C. N.,Pato, M. T.,Macedo, A.,Gurling, H. M.,McQuillin, A.,Pimm, J.,Hultman, C.,Lichtenstein, P.,Sklar, P.,Purcell, S. M.,Scolnick, E.,St Clair, D.,Blackwood, D. H.,Kendler, K. S.
Molecular Psychiatry
GWA study data mining and independent replication identify cardiomyopathy-associated 5 (CMYA5) as a risk gene for schizophrenia
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We conducted data-mining analyses using the Clinical Antipsychotic Trials of Intervention Effectiveness (CATIE) and molecular genetics of schizophrenia genome-wide association study supported by the genetic association information network (MGS-GAIN) schizophrenia data sets and performed bioinformatic prioritization for all the markers with P-values
1476-5578 (Electronic)13
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