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Kinahan, D J., Clancy, E., Kilcawley, N.A., Dimov, N., Smith T. J. and Ducrée J.
MicroTAS 2014
Rotational-Pulse actuated dissolvable-film valves for automated purification of total RNA from E.coli.
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Lab-on-a-Disc Valving Dissolvable Films Nucleic Acid Sample Preparation
In this work we report for the first time on a repertoire of valving technologies which are combined to enable auto­mated purification of total  RNA from cell homogenate. Process control is imple­mented using rotational-pulse actuated dissolvable-film (DF) valves; where the order of valve actuation is determined by the disc architecture while the timing of valve actuation is governed by pulses in the spin rate. Selective liquid routing is enabled by combining a heavy, inert and immiscible liquid plug with a DF. Combined, these technologies enable bead-based extraction of amplifiable RNA, with a yield comparable to gold-standard bench-top protocols.
SFI CSET Programme
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SFI BDI-2 CSET 2010 - 2015
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