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Linares, A.V., Gorkin, R., Glynn, B., Godino, N., Miller, N., Kerin, M., Barry, T., Smith, T. and Ducrée, J.
15th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences
Purification of miRNA from whole blood by chemical lysis and phase separation in a centrifugo-pneumatic micro-homogenizer
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Microhomogenizer centrifugal microfluidics miRNA extraction whole blood molecular diagnostics
Seattle, Washington, USA
In this paper a method for the efficient chemical extraction of miRNA from whole blood is first reported. Our novel, cen-trifugo-pneumatic homogenization scheme allows fast mixing of whole blood with the chemical TRI Reagent®(TRI) to pro-vide a very efficient cellular lysis and later separation of the blood homogenate. Thus, at the end of the process, the sample is separated in two phases, an aqueous and an organic phase, with the total RNA fraction remaining in the aqueous phase sepa-rated from the DNA and proteins entrapped in the organic phase. To avoid chemical degradation of the chip, a solvent re-sistant cyclo olefin polymer (Zeonor®) disc was used in this case.
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