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Dijkstra PU, Kropmans TJ, Stegenga B
Journal Of Dental Research
The association between generalized joint hypermobility and temporomandibular joint disorders: a systematic review.
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To analyze conflicting evidence in the literature for the association between temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) and generalized joint hypermobility (GJH), we performed a bibliographic search. The methodological quality of the 14 papers found was assessed according to 14 criteria. Papers were included in the analysis if the study population was clinically relevant, if range of motion of 2 or more joints was assessed on the left and right sides, and if cases had a TMD. Four studies fulfilled these selection criteria. Data from 3 studies, 113, cases and 95 controls, were available for analysis. Twenty-six cases and five controls were hypermobile (odds ratio, 5.4). In a sensitivity analysis, the odds ratio changed from significant to non-significant in 2 of 5 scenarios. As a result, it is not clear whether GJH is associated with TMD, and more rigorous studies are needed.
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