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O'Riordan N, Gerlach JQ, Kilcoyne M, O'Callaghan J, Kane M, Hickey RM, Joshi L
Food Chemistry
Profiling temporal changes in bovine milk lactoferrin glycosylation using lectin microarrays.
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The bovine milk glycoprotein bovine lactoferrin (bLF) has a variety of biological activities related to its constituent glycans. However, little is known about bLF's oligosaccharide structural changes over the course of lactation. BLF was isolated at 13 time points during the first three months of lactation from three individual cows and glycosylation changes were profiled by lectin microarrays. Substantial profile differences between early and late lactation were observed and accompanying monosaccharide analysis revealed that the occurrence of the non-human sialic acid, N-glycolylneuraminic acid, was greater during early stage milk production. Overall, the data suggested that more diverse complex-type oligosaccharide structures were present on bLF during early lactation with an abundance of oligomannose type glycans in later lactation. The differences in the glycoprofiles of bLF from colostrum to mature milk suggest that these may have different functionality in vivo.
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