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Finnegan, W; Goggins, J
Civil Engineering Research of Ireland (CERI2014) conference
Numerical simulation of fluid flow around an array of cylinders at low Reynolds number
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Numerical simulation Reynold's number ANSYS CFX Fluid Wave energy convertors
Nanukuttan, S; Goggins, J
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Fluid flow past a cylinder is a problem in fluid mechanics which has been investigated for decades. The flow of a fluid around an array of structures is found in a number of engineering applications. With the advances in computational fluid dynamics, it is now possible to explore the wake characteristics, in particular the phenomena of vortex shedding, in much more detail. In this paper, the flow around an array of eight cylindrical structures in a staggered configuration is explored at a Reynolds number of 100. The commercial computational fluid dynamics software, ANSYS CFX, is used to model the analysis. In this study, particular interest is given to the wake interactions and the forces on the individual structures within the array. The flow pattern around the structures is displayed using the velocity contours of the flow, for a number of spacing configurations. The drag and lift coefficients and Strouhal number are calculated and compared for each structure within the array at each spacing configuration. In addition, a validation study is performed on this numerical model using two geometries, which are similar to the cylinder array of interest.
SFI MaREI programme; Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DairyWater Project)
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SFI MaREI programme; Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DairyWater Project)
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