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Goggins, J
2014 September
Integrating GDE into the Academia
Level, distribution and depth
Global Dimension in Engineering Education
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Engineering education Development Civil Engagement Service Learning Community based learning Global Engineering Biomedical engineering Civil engineering Mechanical engineering Multidiciplinary Society Engineering for humanity Zambia Nepal Ireland Project based learning Global engineer Global dimension
The Global Dimension can be integrated into the different levels of academia in a variety of ways, and with different breadth and depth. This chapter uses real examples to present and discuss methods for introducing the Global Dimension. In particular, it uses examples of Service Learning to show how the Global Dimension can be integrated at levels ranging from undergraduate modules to post-graduate research. This chapter introduces ideas that can be used to stimulate student learning by presenting innovative modules and case studies of Service Learning such as: community-based projects; multi-disciplinary projects; partnerships with NGOs for students to work in developing countries as part of their degree programme, and; multi-disciplinary teams to support PhD students in addressing community needs. By considering the advantages and disadvantages of each method and the contexts in which they can be used the chapter demonstrates how the right method for introducing the Global Dimension can be selected for the right context. By taking examples from the National University of Ireland, Galway in Ireland, this chapter gives a sense of the level, distribution and depth that can be achieved when Global Dimension is taken into the core of academia through the lens of Service Learning. Key success factors of embedding Service Learning in curricula are summarised.
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